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North American Glass Insulators
Price Guide

Paper Edition – $49 ppd *

Paper Edition w/ Price Guide Browser – $79 ppd *

* Please email for shipping charges outside of the USA.
Please do not use the "Buy Now" buttons if you are outside the USA.

The Price Guide Browser is available via internet download when you receive your hard copy price guide.
A CD will be provided for those without internet access.

Add the Price Guide Browser by Bill Meier

Access Price Guide information on your computer where you can look
up prices and see the scale drawings with a few simple mouse clicks

Price Guide Browser sample

Visit www.PriceGuideBrowser.com for a full demo

To order, send check, money order or PayPal to:

Donald R. Briel
P. O. Box 188, Dept W
Providence, UT 84332

(435) 753-5786

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Last updated: July 1, 2017